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SCDB Software, Inc. started producing The Stamp Collector's Data Base (SCDB) in 1984. At the time, our software was the first program available for stamp collector's. In fact, it was at our request that Linn's Stamp News created a classified heading for philatelic software. Since then, our software has evolved into the best selling philatelic software.

The Stamp Collector's Data Base was rated #1 in a review of philatelic software in the American Philatelist (September 1991) and in The Compulatelist (July 1992).

Available now – SCDB for Windows Version 3 !

The Stamp Collector's Data Base is one of the only philatelic cataloging programs that comes pre-loaded with extensive stamp detail AND current pricing data.

The US edition comes with data and pricing information on over 10,000 stamps
cataloged by Scott Number Ô

SCDB for Windows Version 3 runs on
Microsoft Windows Vista/XP/2000/98/95/NT,ME

Additional data bases available for
Canada, UN, Israel, Cuba, Vatican, Italy, Russia, Slovakia,
Spain, Germany, Aruba, and Great Britain.

The Stamp Collector's Data Base is now available on CD-ROM!
We are pleased to announce that we have signed a new license agreement with Scott Publishing which allows us to once again provide The Stamp Collector's Data Base on CD-ROM, containing 4800+ Full Color Images for US Stamps to be used with SCDB version 2.1+ for Windows. 

Order yours today...

Get SCDB for Windows + 2009 USA Database Update
for only $85

"Take it all" All countries and images
for one low price of only $149.00


Download a demo of
The Stamp Collector's Database right now!

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Member of The American Philatelic Society

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