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Kauai is a magical gem that sits in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is a fantasyland of gigantic ferns, ancient trees, tangled vines, magnificent waterfalls, crystal clear streams, fascinating cliffs, and unspoiled beaches. Holding the title as the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, this lush island is merely an infant when it comes to land masses – just five million years old and formed from a fiery volcano that has since gone quiet. With abundant rainfall that combines with fresh ocean breezes to create the perfect erosion machine, our beautiful valleys and gorges are carved. The cycle begins with Mt. Wai’ale’ale — this famous peak, often enshrouded in clouds and fog, is generally known as the wettest spot on earth – catching nearly 500 inches of rain per year! All that rainfall has to go somewhere — and we will explore each crack along its journey to the ocean. 5473146_origPopular tour destinations include:

  • Na Pali Coast
  • North Shore Jungle Ridge
  • Waimea Canyon
  • Koke’e State Park
  • Waterfall Adventures
  • Coastline Salt Baths

You let us know what type of adventure you are looking for and then rely on our expertise to show it to you in the safest, most exciting way possible. You will leave with the ultimate Kaua’i adventure on your tastebuds, satisfied that you experienced the Kaua’i that hides itself from people who don’t want to work for their views!


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What our clients say

I never thought we would hire a hiking guide to take Mike and I out, however sometimes you have to do the responsible thing and be safe out on the trails. While in Kauai we wanted to see Kauai in its natural beauty, not beaten down touristy hikes (which are still beautiful, just crowded). How could we do this in a safe and responsible way? Give in and hire a guide. We lucked out by finding Eric of Hike Kauai With Me. http://cthikergal.com/2010/07/15/mokihana/ Ann Gargula - New Britain, Connecticut
Hiring Eric as a private guide was the highlight of our trip to Kaua'i. Eric was a joy to be with and he put all our worries at ease. He was extremely patient with us even after we lost his cooler! He customized just the right trip for us. He showed us places off the beaten path and he went out of his way to make sure we had the best experience. We loved the secluded waterfalls with a rope swing and the remote perfect white sand beach. We will definitely call Eric when we have an opportunity to explore Kaua'i again. Theresa Gaston - Knoxville, Tennessee
I have traveled and explored 51 countries. Hike Kauai with me was the most complete and "breath-taking" adventure my wife and I have experienced in our many years of hiking. Eric took us on two different hikes into beautiful Kauai's Grand Canyon. His knowledge of terrain and animal life was extraordinary. His sense of humor and information was a plus. We look forward to our annual vacation trip to Kauai next summer and we will book another scenic hike into the interior of Kauai's magnificent back country and wettest spot on earth. The price is very affordable and the way Eric maps out our personal type of back packing adventure is quite unique. Thank you Eric and Hike Kauai with me. Tim and Margaret Collins - Ft. Wayne, Indiana
My husband and I had decided early on that Hawaii was going to be the eventual destination for our honeymoon. We are so thankful that in our online search we came across Hike Kauai With Me. We were extremely excited for our trip, but at the same time a bit overwhelmed as to where to start. We quickly learned that when you have a person as experienced and passionate about a place as Eric that you don’t need to worry about a single thing. He adeptly took into account the places we wanted to see, amount of time we wanted to spend and our fitness level and put together a trip that was far beyond our expectations. His obvious wealth of knowledge made us feel safe, while still showing us the space to make us feel like we had come upon that exquisite waterfall ourselves. We now recommend Eric and Hike Kauai with me to all our friends and family. Thanks again! Aloha, Ashley Taggart - Richmond, Texas