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    How much water and food should we bring?

    Water is the most crucial item while hiking Kaua’i. Dehydration can easily set in if you are not adequately hydrated. Each hiker should pack at least two 12-ounce bottles of water. A couple snacks will come in handy, but we are not out longer than 4 hours so meals will not be necessary.

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    What to wear?

    Active wear that can get wet if it rains. Rain does happen here - do not worry, it's warm! 😉 Any outdoor shoe will do - just make sure they are solid, can get wet, and have good traction. Covering your legs below the knee will help protect against rough vegetation.

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    Will we need trekking poles?

    Hiking sticks will be provided for additional balance in slippery conditions.

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    Will we need bug spray and sunblock?

    With the lush climate, mosquitoes can sometimes be an issue. Bug spray will be provided if you require it. Sun is always present in Hawai’i. It is smart to cover up. Sun block will also be provided for you.

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    What if it rains?

    Rain is very common on the Garden Isle. Because the island is used to draining itself often, we can typically find reasonable conditions. If the weather is just not cooperating that day, we may need to reschedule for more favorable conditions.